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You have the opportunity to apply for/to register the children's nursery school. The lawful representatives of the child, is the possibility of co-financing for the receipt of services of the local government pre-school education in the territory of a child in a private nursery schools.
The State provides aid for private child supervision services providers established in accordance with the procedures specified in regulatory enactments and shall provide support to pre-school education programmes aimed at encouraging the child's family, than one child from a year and a half old and basic education for the commencement of the acquisition of admission if the child is registered in its municipal nursery schools, which is the declared place of residence of the child

Process description

  1. Notification/registration of a child in a pre-primary education institution
    In order to receive a pre-school education service, the client must go to the Department of Education of the municipality authority of Bauska, taking the birth certificate of the child, the identity document of the parent or guardian. The child must be declared as attested by a statement of registering the declared place of residence or, if declared electronically, the data will already be available to the Education Department employee.
    The responsible specialist of the education department shall complete an application for the registration of a child in a pre-school educational institution. A completed application shall also be issued to the parent or guardian of the child, as a statement to the fact of registration.

  2. Pre-school education service
    The parent or failure of a child in a pre-primary educational institution may be ascertained on the homepage of the municipality of Bauska at The information shall be updated on a monthly basis.

  3. Getting a pre-school education service
    Upon placement in a pre-primary educational institution, the relevant educational institution shall inform the parent or guardian of the child, by telephone or through postal services, of the place in the pre-primary educational institution and indicate the contact details for communication with the educational establishment, as well as the time period for registration in the educational establishment. If the applicant has not registered in an educational institution within the specified time limit, the place may be cancelled and assigned to the next applicant in accordance with the registration number.
    The allocation of places of a pre-school educational institution shall be governed by a special commission. The allocation of seats shall take place in the month of May-June on the allocation of seats for the new training year.