European Space Agency

Latvia has been a asociate member of the European Space Agency (ESA) since 2020. Membership of ESA is a key element of the Space Strategy of Latvia 2021-2027, enabling Latvian companies and research institutes to bid on ESA tenders to develop technologies, services and business applications. On the page below you will find further details of the Space Strategy of Latvia 2021-2027, a list of ESA Programmes in which Latvia participates, with information on how to apply for ESA supports.

The Space Strategy of Latvia 2021-2027

Latvian National Space Strategy 2021 - 2027, published in 2021, outlines the MInistry of Education and Science and Ministry of Economcs visions for Latvia among which are to develop „recurring products and services that have great export potential” and generate „the world-class knowledge in space and related science disciplines”.

Strategy outline

The strategy was updated in 2023.

European Space Agency Programmes 





Ministry of Education and Science co-ordinates Latvia’s industrial and research participation in the programmes of the European Space Agency. ESA promotes co-operation among European States in space research, technology and applications.

Ministry of Education and Science role in relation to ESA is to assist Latvian companies and reserach organisations to successfully bid for ESA contracts. We provide a source of expertise for Latvian companies in developing and executing space strategies, as well as being a point of reference for the international space industry when they want to identify relevant sources of space-related expertise within Latvia.

Latvia’s membership of ESA permits Latvian companies and research teams to bid for ESA contract development work in a range of space programmes including: 

  1. ESA mandatory programme and ESA General Budget (excluding the Science Programme)
  2. Requesting Party Activities (RPA)
  3. ESA optional programmes in which Latvia participates, including:

Latvian industrial capabilities in space technology is diverse, including:

  • Rad-Hard electrical and electronic space components and sensors
  • Insulation materials for launchers
  • Earth Observation applications and services
  • Space-related ICT downstream solutions
  • Event timing devices
  • Satellite and space debris laser and radio ranging
  • Radiation detection technology
  • Fibre optic gyroscopes
  • Space resource utilisation capacity building
  • Thermal engineering solutions
  • Thermal vacuum testing solutions, systems and services
  • Cryogenic refrigeration and vacuum systems design and development
  • Electric propulsion systems design and development.

Am I eligible?

All companies and research organisation in Latvia are eligible to respond to ESA tender opportunities pertaining to the ESA programmes in which Latvia  participates. This information will be included in the tender documentation, or by contacting the Ministry of Education and Science (; ph.: +37167047996)

Call details

Tender opportunities are published on the ESA Tendering website and are updated on a daily basis. 

In addition ESA operates a number of announcements of opportunity for industry to submit proposals for market-oriented development activities, also available on the ESA Tendering website.

What funding is available?

This depends on the scope of the procurement underway, but is limited by Latvia’s financial contribution to the specific ESA programme. In line with the Latvian National Space Strategy 2021 – 2027.

How do I apply?

Potential ESA tenderers need to register on the ESA-STAR website, ESA’s registration and management facility for external users.

Specific procurements/announcement of opportunities will be published on ESA's electronic tendering website EMITS.

For certain procurements, prior authorisation of the national ESA Delegation is required, which can be obtained by contacting the Ministry of Education and Science - Kaspars Karolis, Head of Latvian delegation in ESA. Ph, +37167047996, e-mail: