Latvian is the official state language of the Republic of Latvia and the language for society integration, basis of national identity and part of the varied cultural heritage of the world. The Latvian language has a standardized literary form already since the 16th century. Among more than 6000 languages of the world, the Latvian language is approximately the 150th largest one, judging by the current number of its users. The number of native Latvian speakers reaches at least 1.5 million across the world.

The State Language Law determines regulation of the Latvian language as the official language, and ensures its maintenance, protection and development.

Since 2004 when Latvia joined the European Union, it has gained the status of the official language of the European Union.

Contacts and Information Sources:

Ministry of Education and Science, Phone: +371 67226209,

Department of Policy Initiatives and Development, Phone: +371 67047766, 67047987

Latvian Language Agency, Phone: +371 67201680,