The aim of the pre-school education programme is to promote the development of human and responsible individual personality, to encourage the formation of inquisitiveness towards individuals, environment and society and its diversity and unity. Pre-school education programmes are acquired by children from the age of 2 up to the age of 7. Preparation of five and six-year-old children for the acquisition of basic education is compulsory.

The basic education programme is acquired in grades 1-9. The acquisition of the basic education is compulsory. Partial acquisition of basic education is implemented in primary schools.

General secondary education programmes are implemented in secondary schools, gymnasiums, evening (shift) and extramural secondary schools. The study year consists of 35 weeks in general secondary education institutions. There are four profiles of the general secondary education programmes for grades 10-12 (General education, Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Technics, the Humanities and Social Sciences and professionally-oriented profile). Upon completion the mandatory demands of general secondary education students receive a certificate on general secondary education thus entitling the graduate to continue studies in any higher educational establish mentor college.

The policy of inclusive education in Latvia helps every pupil, regardless of the school type or educational programme chosen, in preserving their ethnic identity and origin, in perfecting and developing their language and culture, and in treating the cultures, traditions and languages of other nationalities with respect.

The higher pedagogical education and corresponding professional qualification is mandatory for teachers working in any general secondary education institution.

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