rawpixel 602156 unsplash 2In the social media site Facebook.com of the Ministry of Education and Science the page "IV World Latvian Scientists' Congress" will be renamed and in the future, you will find out about current events in the science on page “Zinātne Latvijai”.

Facebook.com page "IV World Latvian Scientists’ Congress" was used as one of the channels in the communication campaign of the 4th World Congress of Latvian Scientists, held in Riga in June 2018. Before and during the congress, information on current events about the congress was placed on Facebook.com, but after the congress page is used to inform about current events in the field of science.

The Ministry of Education and Science provides communication in social networks to promote dialogue and public awareness of the importance of science in the development of the Latvian economy.

You can also keep up with the latest scientific news on other social media profiles: