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An event of major significance for science in Latvia – the 4th World Congress of Latvian Scientists – will take place in 2018 when Latvia celebrates its Centenary.

Date: June 18 - 20, 2018

Venue: The National Library of Latvia, Riga

Aim: The Congress will bring together scientists from Latvia and of Latvian origin and their friends from around the world to propose solutions for the development of Latvia and to promote long-term cooperation.

Objectives: To create a discussion platform and pragmatic innovation forum where Congress participants have the opportunity:
•    to meet and to build relationships and networks based on common objectives and to launch joint projects in various scientific disciplines;
•    to inform Latvian society about the outstanding achievements and success stories of scientists from Latvia and of Latvian origin, emphasizing Latvia’s human capital and its potential;
•    to strengthen their bonds with Latvia, and enhance their understanding of the cultural heritage and traditions of Latvia;
•    to raise the international profile of Latvian science and its scientific institutions.  

Organisers of the Congress: The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia in close cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia, the Scientific Council of Latvia, the Latvian Association of Universities, the Latvian Academy of Sciences, the Association of Latvian Young Scientists, the National Library of Latvia, Latvian Medical and Dental Association, the World Federation of Free Latvians, European Latvian Association and American Latvian Association.

Programme: The Congress is a part of nationwide Centenary celebrations. A central theme of the Congress will be how to ensure the future security and wellbeing of Latvia and its people.

First day: theme – Security and safety. In plenary session and panels Congress participants will explore, exchange and discuss their views on security and safety issues from different aspects - geopolitical security, hybrid threats, information and cyberspace security, energy independence, global warming and climate change, human security, food security and health.

Second day: work in six scientific disciplines. Participants will discuss key issues for Latvia’s development in a range of major scientific disciplines – Natural Sciences, Engineering and technology, Medical and Health Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities. In parallel with the 4th World Congress of Latvian Scientists the 2nd Congress of Latvian Historians and 3rd World Congress of Latvian Lawyers will take place.

Third day: theme – Future of Latvia. As part of the forum “Latvia’s formula 2050” participants will discuss scenarios for the future development of Latvia, will propose ideas and solutions and adopt the Congress conclusions.

Side events: Interactive events, exhibitions, various presentations, including the special edition of the magazine “Innovation”, open lectures, competitions for the doctorates and post-doctorates, visits to scientific institutions, universities and innovative enterprises where the participants and all stakeholders will learn about scientific activities and opportunities in Latvia.
The Congress will be a meeting place for scientists and entrepreneurs, to identify their economic potential and to develop future partnerships for joint projects. There will be various events for students and young scientists to create new business ideas, studies and joint projects across borders.

Speakers and panellists: Distinguished and carefully chosen opinion leaders from Latvia and of Latvian origin and their friends from around the world, drawn from the fields of science, academia, government institutions, politics and industry.

Registration for the Congress is available at the Congress website.

For more information please contact Senior expert of the Department of Higher Education, Science and Innovation, Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia, Evita Čikute, phone:+371 67047938, e-mail: kongress@izm.gov.lv