To limit the spread of Covid-19 infection and to protect the public from its repeated outbreak, the removal of the various restrictions will take place gradually while strictly following the safety requirements in Latvia.

Following the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers and guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health of Latvia, all safety measures have to be taken into account for all activities - the hygiene, frequent disinfection and airing rooms. If automatic ventilation systems cannot be used, the events and measures will have to be scheduled with a break every two hours and ensure that rooms are ventilated for at least 15 minutes during the break.

Sports activities
There are no distance restrictions during sports training and competitions, this condition condition applies to amateur sports as well. If there is an indoor sporting event with a total area of fewer than 1000 m2, viewers are not allowed to participate in the event until 31 July 2020. There can be only 30 people in the training group at the same time and, without age limit, a minimum of 4m2 per person can be provided, the activity of several training groups.

Education and camps for children and youth
By 31 August 2020, the maximum number of participants in adult vocational training and non-formal adult education programmes in the group has to be 50 people.

The state examinations, interventional checks, counselling and post-checks will be permitted this school year, taking into account the hygiene, safety and the remoteness recommendations developed by the Ministry of Health on availability of sanitizing materials, frequent disinfecting, airing of rooms, observation of coughing and hand hygiene.

By 31 August 2020, the number of children in camps in a group of up to 30 may take place at the same time in several groups, if the camps area and space can provide that.

Start of the next school/academic year
No decisions have been taken yet with regard to new academic year to come. In the vast majority of higher education institutions, the academic year will start beginning of September as usual. How it will proceed depends on the epidemiological situation in the country. However, higher education institutions are bracing themselves for both ways distance and on-site learning .

Please follow the actual situation in Latvia on the website of the Ministry of Education and Science and via media and other official government communication channels.