Those foreign students who will start their studies in Latvian higher schools for the first time after January 1, 2021 will only learn their study programmes and organize their examinations remotely in the first semester. On the other hand, if the first semester provides for the acquisition of a practical part, the institution of higher education should be transferred to another semester of study. The exception is only foreign students in medical residency programs.

Such a decision was supported by the Government on 8 December 2020. It has been adopted taking into account the epidemiological conditions in Latvia and in order to minimise contact on-site. It is also essential to eliminate the different interpretations of universities and colleges about the need to organise part of the study process on the ground. Currently, only practices that cannot be performed remotely can be performed on site, as special equipment or materials are required.

Universities are invited to regularly provide informational support and maintain continuous communication with each foreign student admitted, actively communicating both the organisation of the study process remotely and the requirements for achieving learning outcomes.

As the epidemiological situation improves, the Ministry of Education and Science will encourage the relaxation of the requirements. At the moment, however, it is important for everyone to comply with the strict and uniform restrictions imposed by the government in order to stop widespread, uncontrolled spread of the virus.