The Ministry of education and science already for the second year creates a calender in order to contribute to the strength and diversity of the Latvian science. The calender tells about 12 modern Latvian scientists and their achievements. On-line portraits make it possible to get to know the scientists and the branch of science they represent better.

Freedom to look at the world from a brave perspective, ask important questions and find answers.

The mind of a scientist is independent and firm it perceives everything in a critical way, while maintaining openness to opportunities. The scope of a scientist makes it possible to expand the boundaries of human capacity and move towards new achievements. Knowledge creates a wise society that sees, understands and is able to act to live better.

The strength of Latvia is its people, and their knowledge is our value. 12 months of the year, in which 12 individuals inspire us with their knowledge in 12 industries. These are our scientists for Latvia.