Execution deadline in working days
Any person
Receiving restrictions

You have the opportunity to receive information regarding the educational institutions and local government regarding the procedures by which children may apply for the educational institution:
-pre-school educational institution (group);
-elementary education institution;
-general secondary education institution;
-special educational institution;
-Municipal-based interest and professional orientation sports, music or art education institutions;
-vocational education.

Reception procedures shall be determined by the MK 2015, October 13 Cabinet Regulation No. 591, Procedures by which students are enrolled in general educational institutions and special pre-school education groups and deducted from them, as well as transferred to the next class. "

Process description

  1. Service requests
    Applying for an apprentice at the Gulbene Regional Educational Institution, you need to contact the selected head of education institution / director on a telephone or go to the chosen institution where you must write an application for admitting an educator in a particular educational institution.

  2. Receipt of services
    An educational institution or group chosen by the requesting authority, after examination of documents, issues an order for admitting a student in or outside the educational institution or group and informs the applicant of the service by a decision.