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The purpose of the e-service My Data in Education Registers is to provide users of the portal with the ability to retrieve data available in existing registers of the State Education Information System for themselves or the person represented.

Process description

  1. Authentication
    The recipient of the e-service authenticates via internet banking, eParaksta or E-ID authentication.

  2. Familiarity with the conditions and instructions for use of e-service
    The recipient of the e-service shall meet and confirm the introduction of the conditions for use of the e-service.

  3. Requests data on himself or herself or on the person represented
    The person must choose:
    o to receive a service for itself;
    o for the person represented:
    • Your Minor
    • a person under his or her auspices or custody.
    If the applicant wishes to obtain a service for more than one represented, the applicant must comply with the service request for each individual represented.
    If a person chooses to receive a service for himself, he or she does not have to provide additional information. In the case where the person has chosen to receive the service for the representative, the identity number of the person represented must be indicated.

  4. Receiving data
    If INFORMATION about a person is not available, the statement “No information about that person is available in the State Education Information System” will be displayed. If the PERSON's information is available, the recipient of the e-service will view on the screen the information available on the blocks:
    - information about the person;
    - the educational establishments of the person;
    - educational documents;
    - scholarships;
    - row in preschool
    If data is not returned to one of the blocks, the block is not represented.

  5. Saving data
    The recipient of the e-service, under the data described in the previous step, presses the Save as PDF button, is preparing a print (in PDF format) of the retrieved data.

  6. Completing the use of an e-service
    The recipient of the e-service ceases to use the service.