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You have the opportunity to apply for / to register the children 's nursery school. The lawful representatives of the child, is the possibility of co-financing for the receipt of services of the local government pre-school education in the territory of a child in a private nursery schools.
The State provides aid for private child supervision services providers established in accordance with the procedures specified in regulatory enactments and shall provide support to pre-school education programmes aimed at encouraging the child 's family, than one child from a year and a half old and basic education for the commencement of the acquisition of admission if the child is registered in its municipal nursery schools, which is the declared place of residence of the child

Process description

  1. step 1
    The applicant shall submit an application completed Ogre Municipality Self-government with a request to admit the child Ogre Municipality Self-government nursery school. Documents required: a person's Passport (subject to presentation of the original); child’s birth certificate (subject to presentation of the original); the authorised person – a notarially certified authorisation.
    Sign up for a children's pre-school education programmes in this course you can also electronically, by sending the communication by email to
    Documents to be submitted
    An application for registration of the municipal nursery schools.

  2. step 2
    Ogre Municipality Self-government educational work specialist enters data in the system and issue a service requester KODU electronic identification (EID).

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