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Recognition of professional qualifications for continuing professional activity in the profession of educator in the Republic of Latvia.

Process description

  1. On the submission of an application
    To submit an application to the Academic Information Centre (Annex 827, 1 to Regulation No 827);
    May submit a submission:
    • personally (address: Dzirnavu Street 16, 3 rd floor, Riga; E-mail:; tel. 67225155);
    • by post (address: Wall Street 2, Riga LV-1050
    • electronically signed documents with a secure electronic signature (e-Signature) (address:

  2. To add to an application
    - a copy of the personal identification document;
    - documents certifying education and professional qualifications (diplomas and annexes thereto (extracts of performance), with translation into Latvian)
    - documents from the country of origin concerning the right to pursue a profession in that country (certificates, licences, registration, etc. if any);
    - a statement of work experience abroad (if any);

  3. To pay for recognition of professional qualifications
    To pay for recognition of professional qualifications of EUR 240

  4. Evaluation
    The Ministry of Education and Science (Ministry) (upon receipt of the submission of the applicant for the recognition of professional qualifications and the statement of the Academic Information Centre regarding the level of education acquired by the applicant) shall compare the content of the professional qualification acquired in foreign states with the requirements specified in Latvia in the teaching profession specified in Regulation No 569.

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