Because of the Covid-19 pandemic the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia collaborated with TV companies to create a video series to help teachers, students and their parents at the learning process during the coronavirus crisis.

The lessons were 20 minute long audiovisual materials, in which teachers, enthusiasts of their field from different cities of Latvia, presented teaching materials in an interesting and addressing manner. The learning process was designed so that students could complete a task after each item learned and switch to the next subject. Video materials were accessible to anyone as the videos were published in a website and showed in two Latvian TV programmes.

The ‘Tava klase’ project addresed a number of major challenges identified during the first week of online learning. One of these were the need for a quality learning environment for class from 1 to 6 who, according to experts, experienced learning difficulties such a large amount of material on their own.

In two week time the online lessons had reached more than 370 000 people. And the website was visited not only by people from Latvia but also by Latvians outside the country. That is how this project also gave the opportunity for people around the world to learn more about Latvian language and culture.

Although the project was made for the time of the pandemic which was from April to May the lessons will be saved and improved so it could be used in the future. Teachers could implement these video materials for their classes and be as additional materials for the learning process.

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